Friday, March 30, 2012

Is it too early...

for some baby room mood boards? I think not. :) Especially since I only have a month before learning baby Bobo's gender and can still dream up both boy and girl rooms. Either way, I plan to paint the room a light grey with either a tint of blue, green, or lavender. I think it will be a good neutral for whatever children come along. so without further ado...

for baby girl
colossal dots curtains, cardboard safari buffalo, bamboo print, papillon, lulie wallace painting, woodland sheet, sparrow crib, sweater rug, eames recliner

for baby boy
cardboard safari buffalo, fisher fox print, sailboat
sparrow crib, blah blah blanketwoodland sheet, draper rug, fox pillow, madewell backpack, trouserseames recliner 

these are sort of fantasy rooms. actually, once i do find out whether its a boy or girl i'll probably play around with a more serious board.

april 30th is the day of the big reveal. don't check your mailbox for revelation party invites—we aren't having one. but do check this blog. :) 

btw, i'm showing now and currently my tummy feels likes it going to pop!

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  1. I remember that feeling so well! The belly was still so small but it already felt stretched to the mask. My advice: Whole Foods. Hippy Tummy Oil. Apply with gusto. (I have no idea if it did any good BUT it definitely gave me the feeling that I was doing everything I could...which is a good feeling in general in pregnancy!)

    Anyhow. I just came over to remind myself when the big reveal was cause I remembered it was in April sometime. 30th. Sigh. Can't wait!