Saturday, August 20, 2011

cloth diapers?

i have some friends that have been using cloth diapers and originally i had dismissed the idea thinking it wasn't for me. then i read the shocking statistic that 50 million diapers enter landfills everyday and take 500 years to decompose. on top of that, i thought about how disposable diapers are a relatively new invention. sometimes i can get lost in the current ways of the world and think it just isn't possible to do things any other way than the easiest. obviously, that's not a healthy way to think. so cloth diaper moms out there...i need to hear what brand you use, any other helpful tips, and general words of encouragement. i think i have tim on board.

anniversary + little things

on the 18th tim and i celebrated four years of being mr. and mrs. tim did a wonderful job of surprising me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from sprout along with the vase i had admired the day before. he always gives me the most gorgeous flowers. over dinner we discussed how this was to be our last anniversary as a family of two.
speaking of bobo #3, the little handmade bear i ordered for him in may finally arrived. i also got his jambo tshirt so he can support his future friend arthur! tim and i are hoping to meet our son any day now.