Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mamma learned to Rock.

Dear Wyatt,

You are two months old today! It has gone too quickly and you have already changed so much. My guess is that you weigh between 10 and 12 lbs now. People ask me all the time if you are a good baby and of course I say yes. Though I have nothing to compare you to, I really believe you are. You nurse with intention and don't fall asleep or dawdle throughout your meals. Though you are very noisy you don't cry often (just fuss now and then when you want some attention or your pacifier). You've started sleeping 4-5 hours at a time at night which is wonderful! When you do wake up you nurse and then go back to sleep rather quickly. My favorite time is when you wake up at 6 to eat and then get in bed with me till I have to wake up at 7. You get very calm and are able to fall asleep much quicker when you are near me. I love it so much.

The other night you were having a hard time falling asleep. I remembered what your Mimi did to make you fall asleep and began rocking you in my arms and patting your back. You calmed down and fell asleep. This was the first time I thought to do this. It was such a funny revelation, because I couldn't believe I hadn't thought to try this before. Every day I'm learning more and more how to be your mamma.

I finally designed your birth announcements. I wanted them to be special and for the longest time had no idea what I wanted to do. Then it came to me. I had little pictures of you printed and placed inside glassine envelopes that state your name, birthdate, weight and length. And I got stamps that have O Henry on them. :)

I hope you like your new jean jacket. I got it on ebay. You are starting to grow out of your first set of clothes so I've been surfing ebay in search of 3-6 months pieces. You look so much like your daddy in this picture. Your hair looks just like his and you definitely have his coloring. Lucky boy! Speaking of your daddy...he is crazy about you! Though he can't wait till you are old enough to "do stuff" he is soaking up these early days too. He is getting lots of kisses in while he can and does a great job caring for you while I work in the mornings from 8-12.

Wyatt, I love you more than you can imagine. Keep eating and sleeping and playing and growing! I hope to see your smile soon!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

coast guard, wyatt, and back to work.

first off pictures.

on tim's birthday, the 14th, tim and i left wyatt with mimi for our first trip alone to san antonio since wyatt was born. tim had a meeting with the coast guard recruiting office to sign some paper work and raise his right arm while repeating an oath to serve and protect our country. it is the coast guard reserves which means he will be reporting to a base in corpus christi once a month with the possibility of being activated should it become necessary. wy and i are so proud of tim and his passion for serving our country. we plan to do our part by holding down the fort at home and kissing him goodbye with a smile when duty calls.

maternity leave has officially ended for me. i returned to work this past monday for an 8-12 work week. though i had lofty plans for my month off i merely accomplished the cleaning out of a junk drawer.  i find myself missing wyatt during our brief time apart, but at the same time its a good break from each other and i feel refreshed and ready to return to being a mom when my work day ends. if wyatt gets a good nap in the afternoon i can even manage to put in some hours from home as well. managing life with wyatt in the picture is quite an adjustment. things like cooking dinner become complicated when wyatt wakes up and decides he wants his right in the middle of my preparations. sometimes it actually feels like i'm having to choose between feeding my hungry husband or my wailing child.

wyatt and i have enjoyed some good walks lately. i'm currently in the worst shape of my life.i'm hoping to put an end to that soon when the doctor gives the ok to start running. once a week wyatt and i walk with our friends katie and sally. sally is two months older than wyatt. katie and i have wanted babies for quite some time before we both got pregnant two months apart with our little answered prayer babies. our last walk included lattes at vaudville, a basement french coffee bar and lunch cafe that makes you forget you are in little ol' german fred.

and as the weather gets cooler, i've been looking into some warmer clothes for wyatt. here's our wishlist.