Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We've Moved!

Little Adventurers has packed its bags and moved over here. Hope you come visit!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

the chair.

when i returned home from the hospital after i had wyatt tim had the most wonderful surprise waiting for me—my dream chair! not only did he track down this rare find, but he took it apart and refinished the wood. as you can see, wyatt digs it too. :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

3 weeks.

petty officer bobo just returned from 3 weeks of training in new jersey. yes, that means he was there during hurricane sandy and though it had me quite worried he never was in any serious danger. it was a tough time for him both mentally and physically but he rose to the challenge and yet again was chosen class leader. he was class leader at the police academy too. its his thing.

it was our longest separation and what made it worse was that he couldn't call for two weeks and even then phone conversations were kept short. i got a little glimpse of what it would be like to be a single working mom albeit one with a lot of help and support from my family. it still doesn't quite feel like tim is back because he returned awfully sick and has spent most of the past two days sleeping and steering clear of wy. tim sure looks handsome in his uniform if you ask me.

wyatt had his first halloween and he dressed up as a pirate. earlier in the day he was a glow in the dark skeleton curtesy of his nana. rach and i threw together the pirate assemble in about 5 minutes. i was my mom in the 70's and my baby boy was an appropriate prop. we went to a halloween party where i discovered parties aren't quite the same anymore with an infant in tow. i spent a good hour separated from the party nursing, burping, cleaning up spit up, and diaper changing. by 9pm i was tired and ready to head home.

wyatt will be three months next sunday. jeez!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mamma learned to Rock.

Dear Wyatt,

You are two months old today! It has gone too quickly and you have already changed so much. My guess is that you weigh between 10 and 12 lbs now. People ask me all the time if you are a good baby and of course I say yes. Though I have nothing to compare you to, I really believe you are. You nurse with intention and don't fall asleep or dawdle throughout your meals. Though you are very noisy you don't cry often (just fuss now and then when you want some attention or your pacifier). You've started sleeping 4-5 hours at a time at night which is wonderful! When you do wake up you nurse and then go back to sleep rather quickly. My favorite time is when you wake up at 6 to eat and then get in bed with me till I have to wake up at 7. You get very calm and are able to fall asleep much quicker when you are near me. I love it so much.

The other night you were having a hard time falling asleep. I remembered what your Mimi did to make you fall asleep and began rocking you in my arms and patting your back. You calmed down and fell asleep. This was the first time I thought to do this. It was such a funny revelation, because I couldn't believe I hadn't thought to try this before. Every day I'm learning more and more how to be your mamma.

I finally designed your birth announcements. I wanted them to be special and for the longest time had no idea what I wanted to do. Then it came to me. I had little pictures of you printed and placed inside glassine envelopes that state your name, birthdate, weight and length. And I got stamps that have O Henry on them. :)

I hope you like your new jean jacket. I got it on ebay. You are starting to grow out of your first set of clothes so I've been surfing ebay in search of 3-6 months pieces. You look so much like your daddy in this picture. Your hair looks just like his and you definitely have his coloring. Lucky boy! Speaking of your daddy...he is crazy about you! Though he can't wait till you are old enough to "do stuff" he is soaking up these early days too. He is getting lots of kisses in while he can and does a great job caring for you while I work in the mornings from 8-12.

Wyatt, I love you more than you can imagine. Keep eating and sleeping and playing and growing! I hope to see your smile soon!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

coast guard, wyatt, and back to work.

first off pictures.

on tim's birthday, the 14th, tim and i left wyatt with mimi for our first trip alone to san antonio since wyatt was born. tim had a meeting with the coast guard recruiting office to sign some paper work and raise his right arm while repeating an oath to serve and protect our country. it is the coast guard reserves which means he will be reporting to a base in corpus christi once a month with the possibility of being activated should it become necessary. wy and i are so proud of tim and his passion for serving our country. we plan to do our part by holding down the fort at home and kissing him goodbye with a smile when duty calls.

maternity leave has officially ended for me. i returned to work this past monday for an 8-12 work week. though i had lofty plans for my month off i merely accomplished the cleaning out of a junk drawer.  i find myself missing wyatt during our brief time apart, but at the same time its a good break from each other and i feel refreshed and ready to return to being a mom when my work day ends. if wyatt gets a good nap in the afternoon i can even manage to put in some hours from home as well. managing life with wyatt in the picture is quite an adjustment. things like cooking dinner become complicated when wyatt wakes up and decides he wants his right in the middle of my preparations. sometimes it actually feels like i'm having to choose between feeding my hungry husband or my wailing child.

wyatt and i have enjoyed some good walks lately. i'm currently in the worst shape of my life.i'm hoping to put an end to that soon when the doctor gives the ok to start running. once a week wyatt and i walk with our friends katie and sally. sally is two months older than wyatt. katie and i have wanted babies for quite some time before we both got pregnant two months apart with our little answered prayer babies. our last walk included lattes at vaudville, a basement french coffee bar and lunch cafe that makes you forget you are in little ol' german fred.

and as the weather gets cooler, i've been looking into some warmer clothes for wyatt. here's our wishlist.

Monday, September 3, 2012

baby makes 3

katie, i do apologize for my lack of a 38 week photo. allow me to make up for it with my 39 week photo.

my birth story.
Saturday the 25th, dull contractions started up every 10 minutes or so. didn't think much of them. Sunday at 3pm painful but manageable contractions began waking me up every ten minutes or so. i called my mom and she came and sat with me all morning, feeding me watermelon and reading to me from her household medical books. tim was at work. around lunch or so she left and rach came and helped me count the length of the contractions and the time between them. when they got to be about a minute in length and five minutes apart i called tim. for whatever reason we were both hesitant to believe true labor had begun. tim decided to swing into the women's pavilion and explain my symptoms. they said i needed to come in and get checked. i figured they would send me home so i didn't even grab my partially packed hospital bag. i think i was in disbelief this was actually about to happen.

well, they hooked me up to some monitors, checked my dilation and i was at 3-4 cm. I WAS IN LABOR! and they wanted me to stay. i started to cry. tim started to laugh (male equivalent of crying). time flew by and around 6pm my water broke. immediately, the nurse checked my dilation followed by a nervous sounding call for her director. baby was breech! emergency c section was in order. i began to cry, this time unhappy tears. after receiving confirmation from my doctor, who arrived only minutes after the discovery was made, that a c section was our only option, i was rushed into a cold bright operating room and delivery began. i'll save you the details of the traumatic situation of super painful contractions combined with 5 or so people prepping you while sitting mostly uncovered, realizing your birthing experience was to be nothing like you had anticipated. once the spinal kicked in and my body was paralyzed from toe to upper chest, my eye lids got heavy and i laid (layed?) and waited to hear the sound of my baby crying. then...there it was, wyatt henry made his grand entrance. he was promptly wrapped up and delivered to my side of the sheet and our heads were side by side.

i now know the secret to childbirth. as traumatic, uncomfortable, painful, and intense the experience was, i look back on it all with only the happiest of memories.

wyatt nursed the night he was born but the next day it didn't go so well. luckily, HCM has an amazing lactation consultant that could come when summoned to help Wyatt and i learn the art of breast feeding. the first couple of days at home, were extremely frustrating and we worried as the missed feedings began to stack up. on day three, my milk came in with a furry. i was extremely tight and uncomfortable and wyatt couldn't latch on anymore. i called vanya (lactation consultant) and she suggested we rent an electric double pump and pump five minutes before feedings. we wasted no time in following instructions only to find wyatt still couldn't latch on. that evening after i had gone off to rest and have a good pout tim showed his true colors as a smart capable daddy and husband. he read my mom's breastfeeding books and learned about engorgement. when i woke up he had a plan. we would sit me down, get me relaxed and then as he put it "pump the hell out of me." after that wyatt had no problem latching on. now, wyatt and mamma are a professional nursing duo.

life with wyatt.
since we brought wyatt home last tuesday evening, we've lived the life of luxury...well during the day at least. mimi (mom) has spent countless hours at our place rearranging flower arrangements, cleaning, doing laundry, making muffins, cutting up watermelon, and making us meals. nana (tim's mom) has done her share of meal making as well. i received orders from the doctor to spend the next two weeks resting, taking care of myself and baby; no cooking, driving, climbing stairs, cleaning etc. so i've spent my days watching old movies, chugging water, eating snacks, nursing, and doing endless loads of baby laundry. nights have been rough, but i'm slowly coming to except the fact that night's will be sleepless for awhile. fortunately tim is a hands on dad and has no doubt changed as many diapers and swaddled as many times as i have. he even participated in nursing at first, holding wyatt's little hand as he struggled to get latched on. i don't think i could have picked a better man to father my children. :)

lastly, wyatt has made me very emotional. i hold my dear little son, and realize that each stage of his life will go so fast, and he is only mine for a time. i find myself sobbing every time i think about this. the other day i heard about "lullaby for wyatt", a song sheryl crow wrote for her son wyatt. tim found it on youtube and played it for me. i fell apart. she put to words exactly what i had been feeling. listen to it here.

ps notice the mr. chair in my pumping station? that's a post all it's own...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

38 weeks, 5 years, and an extreme case of nesting...

as of today i am 2 weeks from my due date. there seems to be no signs that labor is around the corner. in fact, i'm finding it difficult to believe it will actually happen. today i learned at my doctor's appointment that it wouldn't be uncommon for women to deliver at 42 weeks, but most get impatient and induce before they reach that point. i'm willing to wait if that does happen...but not patiently. i'm ready to meet this little bobo.

i'm ready to meet sailor too, but things aren't looking good in Uganda at the moment. the government is encouraging domestic adoptions and strongly discouraging international adoptions. in fact, the sanyu babies home actually stopped international adoptions of their babies and is only allowing older children and special needs children to be adopted internationally. but, we have to wait anyway. God seems to really be working miracles in the growing of our family and i'm excited to see what he has planned for us. maybe sailor is an older child. :)

tim and i celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on saturday the 18th. i think it was my favorite anniversary yet. tim was really sweet and made it extra special. he made me a fancy breakfast, both sweet and savory and got me some gorgeous coxcomb. then he treated to me to an afternoon/evening in san antonio and dinner at a il sogno. we don't always do anniversary gifts, but this year i got a fancy brother sewing machine. tim thought number 5 was a landmark anniversary year. i'm looking forward to learning how to use the machine over my maternity leave. am i wrong to think i'll have the free time?

so, it makes since i'd get an extreme case of nesting during this time in my life. i mean, i like rearranging and de-cluttering my house anyway. if anyone has ever been in my car in the last 5 years they'd think i was a hoarder. its been a very dirty unkept catch all for things i didn't want in my house but didn't know what to do with. tim used to actually throw trash on the floor board thinking i wouldn't care? notice? :/ well, new baby is a good time for a fresh start. especially since i needed to make room for a car seat and didn't want the child pummeled by flying debris if i ever had to come to a quick stop. so i emptied out my car and actually had it detailed. i've also been tackling some creative projects which i hadn't done in a while. baby won't have his own room but he will have his own nook at the end of our hallway. i had fun making him a little clothes rod to hang his tiny onsies for easy access over his changing table. i also enlisted the help of my friend katie who knows a thing or two about upholstering to help me make a headboard for our bed. i say help, but in the end i sat and kept her company while she did all the work. it turned out amazing!!! materials probably cost right at or under $100 bucks and i think it rivals store bought versions that can cost up to $1500. :) next project is creating a wooden panel to paste this awesome screen-printed wallpaper (rach and i scored for half price) onto. i want to make a tall vertical piece of artwork to hang in between one of the narrow wall spaces i have in between my windows. rach is going to craft a headboard with her piece.

and i'll sign off with this very interesting interpretation of me as a pregnant lady by tim bobo.