Sunday, November 25, 2012

the chair.

when i returned home from the hospital after i had wyatt tim had the most wonderful surprise waiting for me—my dream chair! not only did he track down this rare find, but he took it apart and refinished the wood. as you can see, wyatt digs it too. :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

3 weeks.

petty officer bobo just returned from 3 weeks of training in new jersey. yes, that means he was there during hurricane sandy and though it had me quite worried he never was in any serious danger. it was a tough time for him both mentally and physically but he rose to the challenge and yet again was chosen class leader. he was class leader at the police academy too. its his thing.

it was our longest separation and what made it worse was that he couldn't call for two weeks and even then phone conversations were kept short. i got a little glimpse of what it would be like to be a single working mom albeit one with a lot of help and support from my family. it still doesn't quite feel like tim is back because he returned awfully sick and has spent most of the past two days sleeping and steering clear of wy. tim sure looks handsome in his uniform if you ask me.

wyatt had his first halloween and he dressed up as a pirate. earlier in the day he was a glow in the dark skeleton curtesy of his nana. rach and i threw together the pirate assemble in about 5 minutes. i was my mom in the 70's and my baby boy was an appropriate prop. we went to a halloween party where i discovered parties aren't quite the same anymore with an infant in tow. i spent a good hour separated from the party nursing, burping, cleaning up spit up, and diaper changing. by 9pm i was tired and ready to head home.

wyatt will be three months next sunday. jeez!