Sunday, May 27, 2012

So Sailor is going to have a brother and we couldn't be more excited. Today I'm twenty-five and a half weeks pregnant and our little soon is just kicking and tumbling away. Here I am at 25 weeks and baby boy at 22.

Tim and I took a trip to Grand Cayman to celebrate our upcoming adventure into parenthood. We stayed at an inn on the quiet side of the island. Though our spot was gorgeous it didn't keep us from hoping in our rental car and traveling down the left side of the road to tour the entire island and visit all the different beaches. Tim is one of the best traveling companions a person could ask for. That guy works hard, but when its time to vacation he's all in. We ate all sorts of amazing food, relaxed, held turtles, and swam with stingrays. 

At some point after we returned home Tim got it in his head to build an outdoor pizza oven. Several youtube videos later, he'd figured out how to go about the project. We had a trial pizza run with my mom and sister (dad was in cuba) and the pizza was a delicious success. So, next step? Having 12 people over for outdoor pizzas of course! Last evening Tim and I had our wonderful friends over for outdoor pizza, homemade lemonade, wine, cider, and ice cream pie. The evening couldn't of been more lovely. There was a cool breeze and my garden obliged me a beautiful assortment of zinnias. Sons, you have a swell dad. No telling all the amazingly fun things you will build, do, and experience together. 

Son, I'm looking forward to dresses you in things like this:

I hope you approve. 

As for what I'm reading...I recently finished Kisses from Katie which is an incredible true story about a girl who graduated from high school and went on to settle in Uganda and adopt 14 girls and act as a mother to hundreds more. It certainly helped me put things in perspective and I'm excited to start helping support her incredible and worthy work. I even added a little button on the right side of my blog. :) Rach found Simplicity Parenting for me and I'm waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Apparently, I have a thing for parenting books. I suppose its just something I'm passionate about. I'll let you know what I think once I finish it.