Wednesday, August 22, 2012

38 weeks, 5 years, and an extreme case of nesting...

as of today i am 2 weeks from my due date. there seems to be no signs that labor is around the corner. in fact, i'm finding it difficult to believe it will actually happen. today i learned at my doctor's appointment that it wouldn't be uncommon for women to deliver at 42 weeks, but most get impatient and induce before they reach that point. i'm willing to wait if that does happen...but not patiently. i'm ready to meet this little bobo.

i'm ready to meet sailor too, but things aren't looking good in Uganda at the moment. the government is encouraging domestic adoptions and strongly discouraging international adoptions. in fact, the sanyu babies home actually stopped international adoptions of their babies and is only allowing older children and special needs children to be adopted internationally. but, we have to wait anyway. God seems to really be working miracles in the growing of our family and i'm excited to see what he has planned for us. maybe sailor is an older child. :)

tim and i celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on saturday the 18th. i think it was my favorite anniversary yet. tim was really sweet and made it extra special. he made me a fancy breakfast, both sweet and savory and got me some gorgeous coxcomb. then he treated to me to an afternoon/evening in san antonio and dinner at a il sogno. we don't always do anniversary gifts, but this year i got a fancy brother sewing machine. tim thought number 5 was a landmark anniversary year. i'm looking forward to learning how to use the machine over my maternity leave. am i wrong to think i'll have the free time?

so, it makes since i'd get an extreme case of nesting during this time in my life. i mean, i like rearranging and de-cluttering my house anyway. if anyone has ever been in my car in the last 5 years they'd think i was a hoarder. its been a very dirty unkept catch all for things i didn't want in my house but didn't know what to do with. tim used to actually throw trash on the floor board thinking i wouldn't care? notice? :/ well, new baby is a good time for a fresh start. especially since i needed to make room for a car seat and didn't want the child pummeled by flying debris if i ever had to come to a quick stop. so i emptied out my car and actually had it detailed. i've also been tackling some creative projects which i hadn't done in a while. baby won't have his own room but he will have his own nook at the end of our hallway. i had fun making him a little clothes rod to hang his tiny onsies for easy access over his changing table. i also enlisted the help of my friend katie who knows a thing or two about upholstering to help me make a headboard for our bed. i say help, but in the end i sat and kept her company while she did all the work. it turned out amazing!!! materials probably cost right at or under $100 bucks and i think it rivals store bought versions that can cost up to $1500. :) next project is creating a wooden panel to paste this awesome screen-printed wallpaper (rach and i scored for half price) onto. i want to make a tall vertical piece of artwork to hang in between one of the narrow wall spaces i have in between my windows. rach is going to craft a headboard with her piece.

and i'll sign off with this very interesting interpretation of me as a pregnant lady by tim bobo.