Saturday, March 3, 2012

another little adventurer is on the way.

First things first, Sailor is going to have a brother or sister in September—the 5th to be exact. I'm thinking seeing Sailor's face for the first time will be something like seeing this little one's little form for the first time...AMAZING! Tim was out of town for the past week so he missed our first sonogram. I keep telling him how much he has to look forward to when we have our next one at 20 weeks—the big one where we find out the gender. Yes, we are going to find out. 

When we first discovered this wonderful news we thought we might have to put the adoption on hold which would be disappointing. However, since then we've discovered we can keep plugging along with the adoption even with a newborn in tow. We just keep praying that God's timing will be perfect ;) and our referral won't come when I'm 9 months pregnant or when I'm trying to nurse a newborn. I have no idea how its all going to work out. But its not my job to know I suppose. Just to trust. 

I'm currently reading this book. Its not that I'm anti-American or think that everything French is best. But yes I agree with what this author has picked up by observing french parenting. Basically they give children and even babies credit for being able to learn quickly and adapt to the families lifestyle instead of the other way around. I know a lot of great American parents, mostly via their blogs, but in general I'd say American parenting sucks and maybe the rest of the world's too but I can only speak what I know. So that's that.

On a different stem of thought, back when I was wed almost five years ago I recall discussing the flowers I would like to use for bouquets etc. I had no idea. I remember just telling Michelle I love all flowers and make something pretty (which she did). But I was thinking the other day of how much more I know of flowers now, having been educated by Sprout. If I had to choose my favorite blooms today I'd say Ranunculus, Anemones, and lush Garden Roses. 

I love orchids too, especially ones with 10 blooms for $14.99. They remind me of my Aunt Cynthia who had such a green thumb and could keep orchids blooming time after time. I'm going to give it a real go this time. 


  1. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!! We are so extremely happy for y'all! Welcome to parenthood! All our love, The Hickmans