Sunday, July 3, 2011

our baby's home!

tim and i were recently informed as to which babies home our baby will be from. its exciting to have just another little clue as to what this unknown adventure will look like. i am so grateful because the Sanyu Babies Home is a privately run Christian home where the babies seem to be loved and well taken care of. they are also very emphatic that these babies have no known parent's or relatives so we can rest assured that our son wasn't taken away from family which unfortunately is sometimes the case. tim and i found this adorable little video on you tube of children from the Sanyu Home playing together. we love hearing them babble. its too sweet.
in addition to finding our the name of our son's home we also discovered we will have to either make two trips to Uganda or stay for 5 weeks with two weeks of down time away from our child. at first, i was very distraught by this news. but tim came up with a very enticing solution that might just be the opportunity of a lifetime! 

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  1. How exciting and encouraging. I'm so happy your child has (will have?) such a warm and healthy environment for the time before he meets his wonderful parents.