Monday, June 27, 2011

baby...we are ready for you!

or should i say, we are ready to get ready for you!

the door to your room is hung. this way we can close the door when you are taking naps. i'm still trying to decide if those green floral curtains are too girly for you. they do go nicely with the plans i have for your room and your pops has lived with them for the past 3 years and he's about as manly as a man can get. 

A is for Atticus

i've come up with a list of things for tim to construct for your room as well. first off he is going to make you a dresser/changing table with these mid century modern dowel legs i found here. today i added some corner shelves for your toys and books to the list. tim loves projects and i think he will especially enjoy working on these since they are for you. we are working on that name of your's as well. i downloaded the above title today hoping to find some good names. classic novels have been a big part of my life and it seems fitting your name should come from one of those storybook characters. i made a list tonight to be approved by your father. i will tell you this- your name will probably contain the name timothy and your ugandan given name and then one more (to be decided) which will be what we call you by. don't you worry about having four names. i have four and i've managed quite well. ;)

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