Friday, May 20, 2011

I've had a lot of people tell me that adoption is such a beautiful thing. I won't disagree, but I'll add to that becoming a parent is such a beautiful thing. I know our gotcha day is probably a long way away but I already see how this whole process is changing both Tim and myself. For one, I've acquired this insatiable desire to learn and read about all sorts of things. I came across the above title while reading a blog by a friend of mine from college. Haley and I were in the University Scholars program at Baylor and while she stuck with it I dropped out to pursue an art major. That being said, I completely trust her book recommendations. Also, countless reviews on Amazon compared Anthony Esolen to a modern day   G.K. Chesterton...SOLD! 

So I ordered the book and anxiously awaited its arrival. I read it in a couple days and I'm sure my family and friends are sick of hearing me talk about it. While I started out reading the book thinking it would help me foster the imagination of our son, it ended up convicting me of the way I spend my time as well. I think it is one of the best "parenting" books a person could read. My favorite line was this, "a boy will never develop his character if his world is always kept safe for him." So true and so wise. 

We have our last meeting with our social worker this Monday. We will be wrapping up the successful home study and then all that's left to complete our dossier are a few odds and ends. Our goal was to have the dossier complete by June 1st but that's only a week away. :O Some friends of mine have received their court date in Ethiopia and will hopefully be bringing their son home in August. I've followed along through their whole process and its so encouraging to see a family get to that point. It helps remind me that one day we will be there too. 

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  1. I've run across this author in so many places. I'm so excited to read this book! I'm inspired just by the gargoyle on the cover!