Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear Little Son,
Since yesterday was Mother's day I wanted to tell you a bit about your lovely grandmothers. Your mamma's mom is Dana. She is so excited for your arrival. Her creativity shines in the kitchen. She will be able to teach you lots about cooking and you can bet every time you are at her house she will feed you something yummy and quite healthy. She also loves to garden and has a very green thumb. I'm sure she will be holding your little hand and walking you through her bountiful garden many times in the future. but please remember...when you are old enough to run and be a wild little boy, don't stomp through her flower beds and trample her vegetables! ;)

your daddy's mom is michelle. she's anxious for you to get here too. nana is a smart cookie and will be able to help you with your homework when your mamma can't. she's a great reader too and i hope she instills her love of reading in you just like she did with your dad.  nana is a great listener and problem if you have questions you should ask her.

i've also been thinking about your birth mother. i hope she takes care of you the best she can. i hope i can meet her, so i can tell you all about her when you ask. and lastly, i hope one day you will meet her again.

your mamma

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  1. Lara, this is beautiful, just like you. So happy for all that is coming to you and Tim. This little boy will be so blessed to have you guys as parents. Much love, Linds