Sunday, July 15, 2012

late spring Tim planted some flower seeds and wouldn't tell me what they would become. i got one hint—they started with a "C". chrysanthemum? cosmos? calla lilly? i looked frequently for some clue as they began to emerge from the ground and one day, there they were—the smallest hint of coxcomb buds. apparently i can expect them in several warm shades of pink, yellow, and orange. how exciting! 

we finally finished our kitchen island we'd been planning since we built the house 4 years ago. during construction tim and i bought the butcher block top at ikea with plans to build a metal base with casters to provide a bit more counter space. about a month ago, tim welded the base, we had it powder coated a flat white, attached the top, gave it some casters and now i wonder how i lived without it. 

what else is new? tim signed up for the coast guard reserves. this means 3 weeks of training in new jersey after the baby is born and then one corpus christi or houston weekend trip a month with the possibility of being activated for up to six months. we'll miss him, but its something he's pretty passionate about. 

baby continues to grow at the proper rate. i'm feeling fewer kicks these days and more just bumping around and hiccups as he gets bigger and his space smaller. i've come to realize the awful temptation of buying baby clothes. they are so cute and so affordable and places like zara and amazon have free shipping. :o

i turned 26 on friday the 13th. mom and rach made what i am pretty sure is the best cake i've ever eaten. well done you two! mom, pops, rach, tim and i had dinner at comfort pizza and then explored the amazing little town of comfort. i had no idea it was so cool! rach gave me a handmade basket from africa and my parents gave me an awesome house plant. saturday, mom and i found the perfect white pot for it at dodd's nursery for just $19. 

just 7.5 weeks to go till we meet baby boy bobo. i've already taken a breast feeding class and in a couple of weeks tim and i have a childbirth class followed by a newborn care class. we are also currently working to update our homestudy so we can keep the adoption of sailor going. its quite the exciting times for us. :)


  1. I turned 26 on the 14th :) happy birthday!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! You look beautiful!