Monday, April 18, 2011

the home study begins...

we now officially have our social worker. her name is sarah and we have yet to have our first meeting. we can't meet her until we finish our 11-13 page autobiographies we are each writing. as soon as we got the huge list of questions to complete, tim sat down at the computer and began writing for the rest of the evening. we knocked out most of our papers right away, but for some reason are now having a hard time finishing them up. tonight is the night though. we aren't going to bed until they are complete!

along side the home study we are also trying to gather all of our dossier documents. i think we've come to the point where we realize this is no easy feat we are endeavoring. never-the-less, i've picked out a name. but i can't share until tim comes around to loving it. i just have to let it sink in a bit.

also, the last post was about gifts, and i forgot to mention a wonderful gift we received from tim's parents- plane tickets to pick up our son and bring him home! what a blessing. :)

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  1. That is a wonderful gift! Blessings come to good people. Best wishes on your journey!!